Membership Benefits

Bangladesh Tea Association has been working as the only representative body of all tea estates of the Greater Sylhet and Chittagong districts since 1948. It is a non-profit organization that represents the interest of the owners and professional planters. The Bangladesh Tea Association and the Collective Bargaining Agents of the industry namely Bangladesh Cha Sramik Union (BCSU) and the Bangladesh Tea Estate Staff Association (BTESA) have been maintaining a congenial and productive relationship since its inception. By becoming a member of the Association, members can enjoy the following benefits:

1.     BTA negotiates on key labour-related issues and wages with the CBAs of the Tea Industry and signs bi-annual Labour Agreements and Staff Agreement on behalf of its members.

2.     Advises members on industrial legislation and information relating to the tea industry.

3.     Works to obtain foodgrain at subsidised rates from the government for its members to distribute as ration to the tea workers.

4.     Acts on behalf of the members to negotiate and advise the government on key issues relating to the Bangladesh Tea Industry

5.     Gives access to key data and information on the Bangladesh Tea Industry

6.      Undertakes CSR Programmes on behalf of the members.

7.     Acts as the first point of contact for a foreign mission, donor agencies and other organisations and works for the benefit of the industry and its members by organizing meetings, conferences, seminars and workshops on different issues pertaining to the Tea Industry.

8.     Conducts Management Development training programmes for member organisations