Membership Procedure

Any individual, firm or any Joint Stock Company, Corporation or other person including a Tea Estate

engaged in or formed for the purpose of producing Tea or Coffee in Bangladesh may be admitted as an Ordinary Member of the Association.


Tea Estates within the existing membership of individual, firm, Joint Stock Company or other Corporation shall automatically become Members of the Association provided, however, that the existing members i.e. individual, firm, Joint   Stock Company other Corporation shall intimate their option to the above effect.


Each candidate for admission as an Ordinary Member shall pay an entrance fee of Tk. 5,000.00 to be

sent along with the proposal form to be prescribed by the  Committee. In the event of the candidate not being admitted the entrance fee shall be refunded.


 A candidate for admission as an Ordinary Member shall be proposed by an Ordinary  Member and seconded by another Ordinary Member, provided that a Member  represented in the Committee shall not be entitled to propose or second a candidate  The proposal form shall be sent to the Secretary by the proposer and shall be signed  by the proposer and  seconder  and shall state the name of the candidate in full with  address etc. If the candidate shall have previously been proposed but not admitted the said information shall be stated in the proposal form. In the event of the candidate  being admitted and it appearing at any time subsequently that any statement in a  proposal form or in such further particulars as might have been called for by the  Committee was incorrect or incomplete in any material particular, the Committee may  cancel the admission and the Member shall thereupon cease to be a member, but any such cancellation shall not debar the candidate from applying again for admission in   the prescribed manner. 


 As and from the 1st January, 2017 the Annual Subscription for an Ordinary Member shall be a sum of Tk.5,625.00 or Tk.84.00 for every hectare of the Area under Tea,  Coffee and Rubber belonging to or under control of the member whichever sum be the   greater. Subscriptions shall be calculated on the area under tea, coffee and Rubber belonging to or under the control of a member as at the 31st December of the year immediately    preceding and shall become due and payable by the 31st day of March in every year. Members elected or joining on or after the first day of July in any year shall pay half the Annual Subscription for that year. 

 No candidate shall be considered for admission as a Member unless that candidate  undertakes to pay an Annual Subscription in respect of all area under  Tea and Coffee   belonging to it or under its control.


 The Committee in its discretion shall decide any question which may arise as to the eligibility or otherwise of any candidate for admission as a member of any Class and that decision shall be final and shall not be called in question in any manner.