Objective of Bangladesh Tea Association

The objectives of the Association which extends to all the territories of Bangladesh are as follows:


  1. To promote and prospect the interests of all persons engaged in the production of tea in Bangladesh.
  2. To promote the highest standards of production of tea and coffee and of business methods and conduct connected therewith.
  3. To take up, consider and discuss questions connected with or affecting production, manufacture and disposal of tea and coffee.
  4. To watch over and protect the general interests of those engaged in the production, manufacture and disposal of tea and coffee.
  5. To promote or oppose legislative and other matters affecting tea and coffee.
  6. To collect and circulate statistics and other information relating to tea and coffee.
  7. To establish just and equitable principles in the production, manufacture and disposal of tea and coffee.
  8. To render to Government and other authorities such assistance, information and advice as may enable them to promote the production, manufacture and disposal of tea and coffee.
  9. To communicate with Trade Association, Chambers of commerce and mercantile and other public bodies throughout the world and concert and promote measures for the protection of persons engaged in all matters relating to the Tea Industry.
  10. To form a code or codes of Practice to simplify and facilitate transaction of business in tea and coffee.
  11. To adjust controversies between members of the Association.
  12. To render advice and to make recommendations to Government, other bodies and to members of the Association concerning employment of and to promote welfare measures for, workers engaged in production, manufacture and disposal of tea and coffee.
  13. To acquire by purchase or otherwise on behalf of members and to distribute to members on a no profit no loss basis supplies of food grains, coal, cement, fertilizers and other commodities, materials and requirements incidental to the production, manufacture and disposal of tea and coffee.
  14. To receive, hold and distribute any money made over to the Association for charitable or benevolent objects, or for any public, general or useful object or purpose as the donor may direct.
  15. To arbitrate between members or between members and workmen in disputes provided the parties are willing to agree to abide by the judgment and decision of the Association.
  16. To require by purchase, taking on lease, or otherwise, lands and buildings and all other property, movable and immovable, which the Association may from time to time think proper to acquire and to hold the same for and in the interests of the Association.
  17. To enter into any arrangements with any Government, Central or Provincial or Authorities, Municipal, local or otherwise that may seem conducive to the objects of the Association, or any of them, and to obtain from any such Government or Authority any rights, privileges and concessions that the Association may think it desirable to obtain and to carry out, exercise, and comply with any such arrangement, right, privileges and concessions.
  18. To expend money in experimenting on and testing and in improving or seeking to improve methods of production, manufacture, packaging and trading in tea or coffee.
  19. To make known the activities and intentions and products of the Association or of its members by advertising in the press, by circulars, by publication of books and periodicals and by granting prizes, rewards and donations.
  20. To represent the interests of persons engaged in the production of tea and coffee to local bodies standing committees, advisory counsels and other bodies whether or not sponsored by Government.
  21. And generally to do all other things as may be incidental to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.